Last Session of the Year….Maybe


This past Tuesday, the North Carolina General Assembly went into what many of us, including myself, hope will be the final session for`2017.


The focus was Senate Bill 656 Electoral Freedom Act of 2017. The bill lowers the percentage of states in which a party was included on the general election ballot to establish party recognition in North Carolina.  It also reduces the number of signatures required on petitions for many unaffiliated candidates to be included on the general election ballot.


The Electoral Freedom Act of 2017 further lowers the percentage of votes required to avoid a runoff in primaries from 40% to 30%.  This will reduce costs to help candidates, voters and taxpayers make the election system more efficient.


Finally, the Electoral Freedom Act of 2017 gives judicial candidates in 2018 flexibility to analyze potential redistricting changes that passed the House in October.  The legislation eliminates primaries for all judicial offices in 2018 to accommodate the potential for new election maps and ensure consistent treatment of all candidates seeking judicial office.


The bill was vetoed earlier a few weeks ago. The veto was overridden in the Senate on Monday, and overridden in the House on Tuesday, making this the 10th veto overridden.


Red Ribbon Week and Special Event

October 23-31


Red Ribbon Week is a great opportunity to support the adolescent substance prevention work you are already doing in your communities. This is a chance to reinforce your efforts in creative and fun ways.


Visit to learn more about Red Ribbon Week and download the FREE planning toolbox.


Natural High offers videos and lesson plans that can be used by those working with students during Red Ribbon Week. To learn more about this FREE resource click here.



Town Hall and Park Dedication


The fourth quarterly town hall meeting, which will take on a different format than what usually takes place. The town hall meeting will begin on October 26 at 4:00 p.m. At 4:30, the meeting will break up and join Swain County officials at the boat ramp on NC Highway 288, for the purpose of renaming that area David Monteith Park, in honor of the late Swain County Commissioner David Monteith.

After the dedication at the new Monteith Park, everyone will be invited back to the Swain County Administration Building at 101 Mitchell Street for the monthly meeting of the Swain County Commissioners meeting, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. 


The town hall meeting will also take place at the Swain County Administration Building at 101 Mitchell Street.



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