Jackson County Republicans Elect Officers and Delegates at Annual Convention

Jackson County Republicans elected officers and accredited delegates to the District (to be held Saturday Apr 29 in Canton, NC) and NC GOP State Convention (to be held June 2-4 in Wilmington, NC) at their annual County Convention and Precinct meetings on Friday, March 17th. The event, held at the Jackson County Senior Center in Sylva, included a full agenda of business, featured speakers and awards as well as a buffet dinner prepared and served by the Senior Center Chef and staff. New officers elected were Bob Carpenter, CHM; Nelson Bumgarner, V-CHM; Trina Phillips, SEC; Phyllis Foxx, TREAS.   

Since 2017 is an election year for State, District, and County GOP officers, we had several candidates speak.  Leo Phillips and Aubrey Woodard are candidates for District 11 Chairman; Mark Delk is running for District 11 1st Vice-Chairman; Michaell Lyons is running for District 11 2nd Vice-Chairman; Gerri Winston is running for District 11 Secretary.  Trish Chambers (Asst Treas for District 11 GOP Party) spoke briefly for Linda Dahl's re-election as Treasurer of Distroct 11.
Our former chairman of many years, Ralph Slaughter, stepped down and was honored for his hard work for the party here in Jackson County.  Shirley, Ralph's wife, was also honored. At the Convention close Former Chair Slaughter presented awards to those who had made outstanding contributions to the Jackson County Republican Party throughout 2015-16. Those receiving awards were Clark Sheffield, Jenni Gardner, and Trish Chambers for managing the offices in Jackson County.  ALL volunteers were thanked for their help during the election year;  we had many flag waving events in Cashiers and Sylva as well as volunteers at each voting precinct on Election Day as well as during One-Stop voting. 
The Jackson County Republicans resume monthly meeings the 4th Monday of each month at Ryans in Sylva, 6:00 PM to eat and 6:30 PM for meeting. For more information call Bob Carpenter at 828.399.0908 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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