GOP District 11 Elect Officers and Delegates at Annual Convention

April 29, all sixteen counties in Congressional District 11 Republican Party met for their Annual Convention.  Our wonderful US House Representative Mark Meadows spoke to the convention about the happenings in Washington.  Mark, as he likes to be called, spoke about how difficult it was resisting the establishment to sign onto the 'Ryan Care' bill as it was written (without the Freedom Caucus' input).  President Trump and our Mark became very close during this battle for RyanCare.  The bill was defeated because of the Freedom Causus' refusal to sign because its failure to lower premiums and address pre-existing conditions.  Ultimately, the House crafted and passed (in May 2017 with the help of the Freedom Caucus) a BETTER bill for healthcare.  The bill now currently sits in the Senate for passage.  We have Mark as Chairman of the Freedom Caucus to thank for adding items to the new bill which will lower premiums and extend coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions.

Every odd year, elections for State, District, and County GOP officers are held.  The convention voted in new officers of the District 11 GOP Party: Congratulations go to Aubrey Woodard as District 11 Chairman; Mark Delk for District 11 1st Vice-Chairman; Isaac Herrin as District 11 2nd Vice-Chairman; Gerri Winston as District 11 Secretary; and Linda Dahl re-election as Treasurer of District 11. Trish Chambers was re-elected as Asst Treasurer by the District Executive Committe the following monthly meeting in May.  Members at Large for the State Executive Committee were also elected; our own Ralph Slaughter was elected and Trish Chambers was re-elected to this committee.  Another piece of business was addressed at the convention.  A Resolution was put forth to the Convention concerning having closed primaries. Fremont Brown spoke in favor of having ONLY Republicans having the ability to vote for candidates in primaries, known as CLOSED PRIMARIES.  Don Yelton, spoke against the concept of closed primaries.  After much discussion from many delegates of the convention, it was voted to table this issue; therefore, it MAY be brought before the State Convention in Wilmington in June.
Our former District Chairman of MANY years, David Sawyer, stepped down and was honored for his hard work for the district. We will forever be indebted to David's professional leadership.  During the 2016 election, our DIstrict 11 delivered more votes for Trump than any other District in NC!  Thank you to ALL counties in our district!!
The District 11 Republicans resume monthly meeings the 2nd Monday of each month at Ryan's in Asheville on HWY 191, 5:30 PM to eat and 6:30 PM for meeting. For more information call Trish Chambers at 828.508.0120 or visit   All DIstrict 11 meetings are open to all Republicans!  

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